Michigan Food Innovation District

Commercializing and Capitalizing Food Innovation in Michigan

What is a Food Innovation District?

The MI Food Innovation District brings together growers, producers, distributors and entrepreneurs with specialists in finance, investment capital, marketing, business development, construction and property management, to fully leverage Michigan’s potential as a center of food production and distribution. Growing and shipping agricultural products is a multibillion dollar industry in Michigan.

What does this mean for Michigan?

The creation of the FID in the Greater Lansing area brings together multiple stakeholders in the regional food industry, including producers and consumers. The economic benefits of the MI FID include the growth of existing businesses and the creation of new ones, development of currently undeveloped land parcels, and increased opportunities for promotion, branding and export of Michigan-grown and processed food products.

Major Market Connectivity

The FID is located within 90 minutes of 90% of Michigan’s population. Strategically located along the I-96 corridor, the site has unhindered access to markets in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Traverse City, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Ontario.

Thriving Local Network

Greater Lansing has a thriving network of food producers, processors, distributors and retailers. The FID leverages this network to expand the local market, produce new products and develop opportunities for business growth.

Big Ten Talent

Michigan State University has one of the world’s leading agricultural research programs, providing an abundance of talent necessary for continuous innovation.

Growth Potential

Agriculture is Michigan’s second-largest industry, which includes farming, agricultural businesses, food innovation and agricultural tourism. The Tri-County area comprises 6.1 percent of Michigan’s farms. This translates to $262 million in annual agricultural sales, or 5.6 percent of the state’s total.

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